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Hello and welcome to my crochet world! Thank you for visiting, reading and commenting around! I hope you enjoy all the crochet patterns and tutorials, and perhaps create something yourself. I always try to make very detailed descriptions with lots of pictures for you.

I’m Yulia and I am an amigurumi designer. Crocheting is my passion.

I began to crochet when I was a child. My grandma taught me.

GorbunovaDolls - amigurumi designer

I became interested in amigurumi when I was pregnant with my daughter. One fine day I saw crocheted dolls and tried to make one for her. I was so pleased with the result, so I decided to design a beautiful woman-like doll with a feminine body like a Вarbie.

After my daughter´s birth, I had a “peace period”,  meaning that I thought about my future projects and the opportunity to share my creativity with a huge community. People´s response has been fascinating: to have the possibility to see how my designs come true miles from where I live. This was incredible. I hope to improve more and more, with new projects, without losing the spirit that inspired me at the beginning.

Happy Crocheting!

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